Trip Reports

Little Monadnock (Fitzwilliam NH)

There are very few Monadnock Region peaks Aubrey hasn’t done yet. Little Monadnock was one. It’s a pretty boring mountain, with only one limited view just before the summit. But being a holiday weekend I didn’t want to hike in big crowds with Charger so Little Monadnock was a good local choice.

We made decent time up and as long as we kept moving the bugs didn’t really bother us. As soon as we stopped for lunch we were swarmed and eaten alive. So lunch was quick and we were on our way back down. The trail was mostly dry, except for a few small sections of mud, one of which I underestimated how deep the mud was and it sucked me in to the tops of my boots. Charger enjoyed the little stream for drinks and cooling off.

We only started seeing other hikers as we neared the trailhead. The few small groups was perfect training Charger to wait patiently as they passed and not everyone wants his kisses.

All in all it was a nice day for a hike, not the Whites like I wanted but better than nothing!

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