Trip Reports

Temple Mountain and the Wapack Living Room

Saturday we took and adventure out to the “living room” on the Wapack. Aubrey has hiked Temple many times, but she’s never been out to the living room on her own feet. The last time she was there, she was still a baby in a carrier.

We took the Wapack trail up Temple and it was nicely packed and easy going. We opted to take the short cut by the cell tower to cut off some of the winding Wapack trail. We ventured the mile out to the living room, which I feel is always further than I remember. It took me 3 tries to find it the first time, since I would always give up just before it.

We enjoyed our lunch and some hot chocolate before heading back. Aubrey all of a sudden wasn’t feeling it, she “lost her will to go on”. She complained a lot, but thankfully a dog came running up behind us and that distracted her for a bit. Then when we made it to the Wapack/Beebe trail split, I had all intentions on taking the easy way down the Wapack, but Aubrey declared she wanted to go down the Beebe trail since it had her “favorite bridge”. So we decided if she was excited for a trail we might as well take it in hope she finds her motivation.

The Beebe trail wasn’t as nicely packed, but that’s to be expected since it’s not as popular. We met a few other hikers on the way down and made it back to the parking lot without any more whining.

It was a nice day to get out and was much needed before the rain and serious cold moved back in.

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