Trip Reports

Skipping School to Hike! Gap Mountain

Ever since Aubrey started full time preK in the fall I’ve offered multiple times to let her skip school to go hiking and she has always declined. Well with a couple days forecasted to be in the 50s I once again approached the subject. I was floored when she actually said yes! So on Tuesday I called her in absent and proudly stated that she is going hiking on my message. So instead of heading to school at 9am we headed to the trailhead.

We were the first ones to arrive at the Gap Mountain trailhead in Jaffrey and as we were getting ready another car pulled in. We chatted with the couple for a bit. Aubrey had noticed the car seat in the back of the car and got excited that there would be another kid out hiking, but they had chose to leave their 1yo at home with a relative. We talked a bit about getting young kids out hiking and they were excited to hear Aubrey first did Gap when she was 2.5 years old. I offered up some information on Hike it Baby so they can learn more on getting out with their child.

We started off and the trail was very icy, which was expected. This was Aubrey’s first real experience with ice and we quickly learned that when you weigh only 34lbs microspikes don’t grip the ice as nicely as a full grown adult. However she quickly figured out on her own that she needs to really stomp her feet when walking across the hard ice sections.

We stopped at the halfway point to take off some layers since the second half of the trail is a lot harder than the first and I knew we would no longer need our down jackets. We hiked over varying trail conditions, from boilerplate ice, mud and one odd section that was mashed potato snow and thankfully it was short because snowshoes would have made it a lot easier.

In just over an hour we reached the top, got out our Thermarest Z Seats, we love these things. They are just a small pad that weighs 1oz and keeps your butt warm and dry. We enjoyed our lunch, took some pictures and headed back down.

Going down proved a bit harder but we took our time and carefully worked over the hard ice. When we got back to the car, Aubrey asked if I could drop her off at school. Had it been a bit earlier in the day I would have considered it, but the school day was almost over so we just headed home.

I’m so happy she took the day to go hiking with me. She had been saying she didn’t like hiking anymore, but I think that all changed back in December when I left her home (with Daddy) to go hiking and she regretted not going.

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