Trip Reports

Mount Pemi

On Saturday 12/15 the weather looked favorable and I was desperate for some Mountain Therapy so I decided to head north not really sure where I was headed.

I had given Aubrey the option to join me but she opted to stay home with Daddy and our newest family member Charger a Pyrador (Great Pyrenees x Chocolate Lab) puppy. So off I went by myself.

After driving 2 hours and having my gas light come on right at Exit 32 I decided that was my sign to hike there. So I headed to the Flume Gorge area to hike Mount Pemi. There was one larger group heading out at the same time, but I gave them some space and other than them only saw a handful of other hikers on my way up.

The trail was well broken out and easy to follow. Microspikes were fine the entire way.

The best part of the hike was being able to enjoy the summit all to myself. The large group was leaving as I arrived and another small group was arriving as I was leaving. I made it up just in time to catch a decent view as the clouds were rolling in.

I made great time getting back down to the trailhead and didn’t see anyone until the last tunnel. Sometimes I love sharing the trail with others, especially when Aubrey is with me and she gets to meet new hikers and dogs, but I was more than happy to have a day entirely to myself in the mountains!

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