Trip Reports

Camping in Lincoln

I’ve been getting a bit behind in my posts so here’s a quick one to recap our week camping in Lincoln!

The first day Aubrey and I rode the Cannon Mountain Aerial Tram, it was its 80th birthday and NH residents rode for free so we took advantage of this deal! We did the short and sweet summit rim loop, say a glider circling the summit and watched a thunderstorm roll past us and over the Franconia Ridge!

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The next hike we did was Arethusa Falls. It was a HOT day (as was the entire week), so I wanted something that would lead us to a cooler area vs a sun covered summit. The falls were very busy, so many people out there! We didn’t spend much time enjoying it. Just long enough for a snack and a few pictures. I don’t deal well with crowds, and especially not of crowds of “tourist hikers” those who have no respect for the trails, or others around them.

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We Also did Sabbaday Falls. This super short trail is perfect to stretch your legs. The new boardwalk and bridge are great. Definitely check out the work they have done here!

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Lastly, for hiking, we did Lost River Boulder Caves. I forgot my phone so no pictures but it was a fun morning until the heat and hangries arrived.

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