Trip Reports

Pack Monadnock 6/1

20180601_112821Friday’s weather was a toss up on what it was going to do. High levels of humidity and chance of rain and thunderstorms were in the forecast, but we had been trying to host a Pack Monadnock hike for Hike it Baby for a few weeks but timing and weather kept getting in the way. I didn’t want to reschedule again so we decided to go for it. The few hikers who had thought about joining decided that the forecast was a bit too ominous and skipped out, so it left just Aubrey and I. I didn’t mind too much.

We arrived at Miller State Park, and the air was heavy. 


The rain was definitely coming our way. Rain I can handle, thunderstorms are different (I love listening to them from somewhere protected but hiking in them is a different story). We started our way up the Marion Davis trail and soon after our start, the rain started. We were lucky that most of the rain got stuck up in the trees and we were staying mostly dry. We were about halfway up when the rain picked up and it started to reach us. We put our rain jackets on and continued up the mountain.

Aubrey started to complain about the rain, so I kept giving her the option to turn around if she didn’t want to hike in it anymore. But her answer was the same as always, “Not until we get to the top”. I love when that’s her answer. It tells me she really does enjoy hiking and that I am not dragging her up the mountains.

Just after we put our rain jackets on, I started noticing Lady Slippers. First, it was just one or two, then we found large areas with 7-12 flowers!

20180601_110106I started counting them, by the time we reached the top I had counted 94 of them! I love that they are seeing a surge back. I remember only seeing a couple as a kid and would look for them high and low all summer long and would never find one, now they are everywhere!

Soon enough, we made it to the top, where the large fire tower greeted us. There was a single man sitting at a picnic table who greeted us as we found our way to our own table. The rain had stopped so we chose a table outside rather than in the small three-sided picnic shelter at the top. As we were finishing our lunch, the rain started back up so we packed up and headed back down. We opted to take the auto road down20180601_115857 since it would be a faster descent and less slippery. I again counted the Lady Slippers on the way down, and was saddened to only see 4, I had a goal of counting over 100 but fell short. I am sure they were out there, but I missed them.  We only passed a couple people walking up the road as we were down. It was great to have the mountain practically to ourselves again!

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