Trip Reports

Temple Mountain

Friday was a short and sweet hike, which was about all I could handle. Work has been stressful and for some reason, I just was feeling sore and out of shape that day so even the short hike we ventured out on felt like a major undertaking.

I was hosting the hike up Temple Mountain for Hike it Baby Monadnock, but no one showed up. I think it was a combination that it was too early in the morning, the weather wasn’t looking great and Temple is a pretty boring mountain. So it was just Aubrey and me.

We headed up the Wapack trail, which is an access road to the cell tower at the top of the old ski area. As we passed the second gate, the trail was horribly washed out. Major work will be needed to be done before a vehicle can make it up the trail to service the tower.

Since Temple Mountain is a boring hike, I decided that since it was just the two of us, I would change things up. I ended up taking us down the old ski trails to explore them. It was since to get off the road and into the old ski area and go back in time. We found old trail lights, water barrels, and concrete supports for the lifts. The ski trails where EXTREMELY wet. They are all mossy and hold water well. Luckily Aubrey had her hiking boots on, but I was just wearing my KEEN sandals and had to deal with cold wet muddy feet. We crisscrossed our way down the mountain, eventually meeting up with the Beebe Trail and followed that the rest of the way down. The Beebe trail was very wet in the lower area as well. They have a small bog board covering a known wet area, but the area all around the boards was flooded so it really wasn’t helping.

All in all Aubrey and I hiked about 1.5 miles around Temple in just under an hour, which was more than enough for both of us!

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