Trip Reports

Rhododendron State Park

Short and sweet hikes, sadly get the same when writing our trip reports. However, this one might be a bit mushier/personal than others.

I’ve been in a “funk” the last couple months. Work has been wearing me down lately (which I’m surprised it’s taken almost 3 years to get to this point!). Most of my nights are spent convincing my residents to sleep, only to come home and spend my afternoons convincing Aubrey to nap, all while I JUST WANT TO SLEEP!

So needless to say my energy level has been low and as much as I wanted to go out hiking I just couldn’t do it. The temps have been awful and I would stress over the thought of layering Aubrey and me up to go out only for her (or me) to decide it’s too cold to go any further. Saturday night we got about 5 inches of snow, and on my drive home I felt so drawn to take Aubrey snowshoeing however once I got home I just couldn’t do it. I was so tired and overwhelmed I started to cry a bit, which is a HUGE sign I NEED to get out. But still, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Instead, I decided to host a hike for Hike it Baby Monadnock on Monday morning and force myself out of the house the next morning.

So on Monday morning, I was committed, I had a group of other mamas counting on me to get out. So I got Aubrey and myself dressed, made a large Thermos air pot of hot water so our friends could warm up to hot chocolate after exploring and we headed out the door.

As we arrived at Rhododendron State Park, I was greeted with a small snowbank. I stopped for a minute and debated on if I should turn in, not because I didn’t think my Escape would make it through the unplowed lot, but in fear that someone else might not have a 4wd car to make it through and they would get stuck and I would feel incredibly guilty. I ultimately decided to forge on through. 20180219_105848.jpg

As the other families arrived we introduced ourselves and headed down to the trails from the small winter lot. The 5 inches of snow we got on Saturday night was only packed down in areas, and there was a layer of ice underneath. The snow was sticky and ended up balling up under our tractions so I took Aubrey’s off. They weren’t really needed. As we made our way around the small loop trail it was for the most part well packed and even then the snow wasn’t that deep. However at the other side of the bridge, the snow got slightly steeper and it wasn’t really broken out (it appeared as most people walk out to the bridge and then turn around to make the hike longer), we trudged our way through the snow and made it back to the main parking lot. It took us a full hour to make the way around the small loop, something that normally takes us about 20 minutes. I had planned for 2 loops but after spending an hour doing one I decided it was best to head back to the cars for hot chocolate.


Everyone enjoyed a nice HOT cup, so hot that most of us used a bit of fresh snow to cool our drinks down to a reasonable temp! After finishing our drinks everyone parted ways. It felt great to get back out and break the funk I had been in. Now on to more hiking!

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