Trip Reports

Cabot Skyline  (Wapack)

Life just gets crazy sometimes and we spent another month without going out on a hike. So finally Saturday we were to experience some mild weather so I decided we should head off on a short hike. I had originally planned to head over to Perry Forest to do a monitoring report for the SPNHF but as I drove up 124 I noticed far to many pick up trucks parked along the side of the road. A sign that hunters were out in the area. Both Aubrey and I have hunter safety vests, but I decided I didn’t want to chance hiking in woods with multiple hunters. So I made a quick detour over to the Wapack trailhead on Temple Road to hike out to the Sharon Ledges. Just as we arrived, I got a call from Daddy who said he was in the area and wanted to come with us so we waited for him to arrive. 

There was a brisk breeze but with the sun it was a perfect late fall day for a hike. We made it up to the first view point fairly quickly and decided to keep going a bit more until we got to the “top” of the skyline. At just over a mile there is a large cairn and a perfect “snack rock” as Aubrey calls them. So we stopped here for a small snack before heading back down to the trucks. 

I hate when I forget about good hikes in the area like this one. It’s short and steep with nice views along the way. Perfect for preschoolers as you can alter the hike anyway you like, you can reach the first view point in about a half mile and the “snack rock” in just over a mile, you can also continue on to Burton Peak just under 2 miles from the trailhead or if you have the option to car spot, hike the 4.5 miles across to Temple Mountain.

These rocks always remind me how important balance is in life.

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