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Little Hiker Subscription Box

This was the first edition of the Little Hiker Subscription box. Inside it contained a variety of items for little adventurers. The two big items were a Monkey Mat Mini and a Large Magnifying Glass. We have had a regular size Monkey Mat for a few years now and I love it. It is very lightweight and packs up small so it’s great for tossing in a bag and heading out the door. The weighted corners help keep it in place even on windy days and it even features stake loops which come in handy on beach days to ensure it stays in place. In the middle there are little loops for attaching toys which is great for infants. The second was a large plastic magnifying glass a perfect size for toddlers to use and since it is made of plastic it’s pretty durable for the abuse it could see. It even features a little stand for hands free viewing.

Next there were a few smaller items such as Trail Note Books from Hike it Baby. They are small blank notebooks for recording info on hikes or drawing pictures in. They included Twig Pencils with them. That was the end of any items I was impressed with. There was a single small Hike it Baby Sticker, a Hike it Baby postcard and the item I thought was really pointless was a printout of 30 Activities for 30 Days by Hike it Baby. This was printed on standard printer paper and rolled up and taped to stay in place. The tape made it impossible to open without ripping the printout. In the trash it went right away. I think they should have taken the time to laminate the printout so it would be a useable item and not something destined to the trash. 😦 

Lastly there were some food items. I don’t get excited over these items as I prefer to pick out my own snacks and would rather see a few other small gear type items in subscription boxes than random free samples of snacks.



For the first box out I rate it a 6 out of 10. It didn’t blow me away and the large amount of small knick knack items left me wanting more.  The total estimated cost for the contents of this box is $40.25 which I was shocked it was that high. A single Month Subscription is $24.99 plus $3.49 for shipping. To purchase a subscription click here 

Here’s a list of the items and links to Amazon or the Hike it Baby Store.

Monkey Mat Mini $11.99

Magnifying Glass $8.99

Trail Notebooks with Twig Pencil (2x) $4.50 each ($9 total)

Mini Sticker $0.25

Post Card $1.20

HiB 30 Calendar Print out .20

This Bar Saves Lives x2 $2.08each ($4.16 total)

Annies Bunnies $2.23 each ($4.46 total)

Grand Total 40.25