Trip Reports

Kidder Mountain

20170721_122040Well I had originally planned on hiking Cardigan Mountain, which is just over two hours away on Friday, but I had signed up for an extra shift at work, forgetting about the hike I had planned, so I decided it would be best to change to a more local hike instead. Sometimes the thought of driving 2+ hours to hike after working the night shift makes my head spin. So I updated my Hike it Baby friends with the change and set out for Kidder Mountain in New Ipswich instead. 20170721_093532

The weather was predicted to be somewhat warm and muggy, but really when it came down to it, the day was not as gross feeling as I thought, the trail had just enough shade, and a good breeze to keep the real heavy air feeling away. We were joined by one other family on this hike and Aubrey had fun playing monsters, racing to the next trail blaze and seeing who could find the biggest mushrooms.

Kidder Mountain is nice easy trail, it is never very steep and is approximately 3.5 miles round trip. Its a good one for kids since the trail is relatively easy to follow and  offers many twists and turns to keep them wondering what is just up ahead. The summit area is wide open with no ledges or major hazards so kids can run free and explore. It is also covered in lowbush blueberries so it can be snack time galore!20170721_112814

The trail was in good condition, probably the best I have seen it in for sometime. There is still a section along the powerlines that is constantly mud and water and I really wish whoever has rights to the powerline access would come in and do something about this section as really could use some help. Other than that, there was some mud and wet trails but nothing like I have seen in the past. They finally removed one of the old blow downs that was pretty challenging to climb over which was a good sign, but I also noticed single tire tracks now, so since they did that someone on a mountain bike or dirt bike has felt that they can ignore the no wheels signs and go ahead and ride where ever they want. The entitlement some people think they have is disgusting….ok end rant.

All in all it was a great morning, and we finished out hike with a celebratory ice cream at Haywards in Milford since they are on our Scoops and Loops hiking list. Aubrey had her usual Chocolate Chip, while I felt after hiking I should try out their Appalachian Trail. It was a coffee ice cream with heath bars (the BIGGEST PIECES!) and almonds (yet I didn’t notice any) chocolate fudge swirls. It was awesome! I will definitely get it again!