Trip Reports

Rhododendron State Park 

Another Hike it Baby parent offered up a group hike at Rhododendron State park since it’s “peak bloom”. So I couldn’t pass it up. We arrived and waited for the rest of our group to show up and headed into the large grove. The bushes here form really neat tunnels in areas. 

The park was pretty busy and I actually saw a Ranger patrolling the park which I have never seen! It appears that some trail maintenance was done since it seem very stroller friendly the entire loop, but we both remembered a clear line where strollers would have started to struggle in the past. However they do have a rule of no wheels, but I am not sure of that applies to assistive devices like wheelchairs and strollers. 

The bloom honestly wasn’t that impressive for being “peak” in past years I remember a sea of white and pink flowers. However these tiny and delicate mushrooms were EVERYWHERE! 

Tiny mushrooms Rhododendron State Park Fitzwilliam NH

When we got to the end of the loop (it’s short about a half mile) Aubrey was in tears because it was too short and she wasn’t done hiking. I was smiling inside, happy to hear she likes long hikes and short easy hikes aren’t good enough anymore 🙂 I offered to take her around again after a snack break. If I was more prepared and had more time I would have taken her up Little Monadnock which is located within the park. 

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