Trip Reports

Mount Major

Here’s to another bucket list hike checked off! I had originally scheduled a group hike, with Hike it Baby for Friday, but weather was looking scary so I postponed it until Monday, not thinking that I was getting out of work at 7am and had to be in Moultenborogh for 10am, and that it force me into driving two hours north twice in the same week. Oh well.

Aubrey and I arrived shortly before 10am after an uneventful drive and waited in the parking lot for other HiBers to show up. The parking lot was in need to some serious clean up, so I grabbed a Market Basket bag and picked up what I could fit. Doing my part to maintain a SPNHF property 🙂 One other family arrived and after they got situated up the trail we went. The first half of the hike was very easy, as it followed what appeared to be a  old road. When the trail split and we took the way to the left, it quickly started gaining in elevation. The trail was rocky, typical of NH. Then the last segment really challenged our toddlers as it was granite ledges and scrambles, testing their balance, problem solving and listening skills.

Eventually, and a few tears later we made it to the top for a much deserved lunch break. Aubrey had fun exploring the old summit cabin foundation and wanted to climb up the walls just like the bigger kids. After an hour of snacks, playing, and pictures we headed back down the way we came. Taking breaks to say hi to the endless amount of dogs all over the trails. Dogs almost outnumbered humans! Aubrey was really good, asking the owner for permission to pet, and then would ask the dogs name and then tell the pup to have a good hike. She loves meeting new dogs! 

We made it back down to the parking lot in just over 4 hours time, which with 2 toddlers and a newborn, paired with an hour break at the top, I would say was a great pace! 

After the hike we went to an ice cream stand o  our Scoops and Loops list as a reward 🙂 

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