Trip Reports

Mount Caesar

I first found out about Mount Caesar a couple years ago when I interviewed at a nursing home next to the trailhead. Its been on the back of my mind for quite some time but I had yet to hike it since I could not find much information on the hike.  20170614_102456It is a little known mountain in southern NH, but I have noticed it is growing in popularity on social media.

Another Ambassador for Hike it Baby Monadnock had recently heard about this mountain as well and decided to host a hike here on Wednesday. With this mountain on our bucket list Aubrey and I decided to join them! Wednesday was a gorgeous day, it was much cooler than the previous two days with temps in the mid 70s and low humidity. We met the rest of the group at 10am and there were 5 other families who joined us so we had a great group for a morning hike. There is a new trailhead parking area inside the Mount Caesar Cemetery in Swanzey NH. The most recent information online only stated that parking was along the cemetery road, so seeing a designated parking location was a great surprise. The next part of the only bit of online trail description was that the trail was located in the back right hand corner of the cemetery. So off to the back we headed until what we found looked like a trail on the other side of the stonewall. The trail was surprisingly well maintained and marked with blue survey ribbon. 20170614_121238We then came to a fork where it was hard to tell which way was the right way. Off to the left hand side there was a blue ribbon dangling off the tree so we decided to follow the marked trail. The kids were doing great all racing up hill excited to be out hiking. An older couple passed us and in a quick chat, they told us this was the short steep option and that the trail that went off the right at the fork was the easier trail up.

We  made it up the the viewpoint in just under an hour and the summit was just a couple minutes away. 20170614_110430There was a large rock with a bench on it, perfect for photo ops and lunch. The kids had fun running around and exploring. After about a half hour of hanging out at the summit we took off down the easier trail. This trail was wide and very gradual as it most likely is an access road to the cell tower at the top. Once we got down to a lower elevation the trail was extremely muddy and wet and boy did the toddlers have fun running through it and practicing balance skills walking across logs through the mud. PKLNS_20170614_110657

We made it back to the cars exactly 2 hours after we departed and in approximately 2.25 miles for the total hike. After the hike Aubrey and I headed up to Keene to enjoy ice cream from Walpole Creamery from our Scoops and Loops hiking list!   20170614_125431

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