Trip Reports

Temple Mountain 

I had bigger plans this morning for Aubrey and I but with thunderstorms threatening to make an appearance I changed plans. I opted to hike Temple Mountain since we would never be more than a mile from our car. 

The hike up was slow and uneventful, lots of encouragement and a certain someone soon realized she should have listened and ate all her breakfast.

We made it to the top for a short lunch break before a eventful hike down the wapack/access road.

On the way down Aubrey took off running with her friends and as soon as she was barely out of sight around a corner, and just as soon as I was saying hopefully no one falls. It happened. Aubrey fell and cut open her forehead. I wiped the blood away and put a bandaid on it and after a few hugs she was back to normal. 

Soon we found a large mud puddle caused by maintenance trucks accessing the cell towers. We had some fun running back and forth getting soaking wet….when out of the woods waddles a porcupine. Aubrey ran up to meet it and I had to quickly stop her…oh wouldn’t have that been a fun experience! We watched him(Or her) waddle off into the woods again and continued on our way.

The hike only took us 2 hours and was a perfect way to get out of the house before the rain started again. 

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