Trip Reports

The Ever Changing Wales Preserve

I have said it before, but I will say it again. Wales Preserve in Sharon NH alway offers something new on every hike. This hike never disappoints (well except that I have yet to see the River Otter that calls Griddley River its home, but I digress). This time we were greeted with a wet trail, however I have seen it much wetter and even mostly flooded in the early spring. 20170531_100959You could see evidence of high water marks from where the river discarded small sticks and branches along its bank. We spotted a very large foam disc spinning around in a small pool on the rivers edge. It had a really neat shape to it! FYI this foam is caused by decaying leaves, plant life and other organic material that when mixed with the water and air it creates this foam. It is completely harmless and is a natural part of river and lakes.

This year I have noticed a lack of wildflowers, I am not sure if its because I have been looking in the wrong places, or if there really aren’t as many spring flowers out, but I did manage to find a few Lady Slippers, which is probably one of my favorites to find in the woods.

We did find a rock covered in moss and ferns which was pretty cool.

I also found some small bird eggs, they were hatched and on the ground when I found them. A quick google search leads me to believe they belong to some type of swallow.

Aubrey was a bit odd during the hike, she was very quiet and reserved. When we took a snack break she quickly finished and said “Bye, I am going home now” and slowly walked off. Very unlike her.  20170531_111834Even in her odd mood she managed to give me a thumbs up for a picture, even on her bad days she still loves hiking. On the way home she had dozed off in the car! We talked once we got home, she still had fun and still loves hiking but apparently her knee hurt and missed her daddy which was making her sad.

Hopefully the next hike shes back to her usual energized self!

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