Trip Reports

Hike to the Small Pox Cemetery

20170529_111233Jaffrey is home to many old cemeteries, this one brings you back to a time before modern vaccinations, back to 1792. This small pox cemetery was once located out in the middle of the woods. I remember hiking out there as a kid from my grandparents land and it felt as if I was in the middle of nowhere, but today, the area has become so developed that this once hidden cemetery is literally in someone’s backyard. This hike is so short that even Aubrey was questioning where the hike was when we were getting back into the car.

Jaffrey NH Small Pox CemeteryIf you are looking to visit this area, head up Fitch Road (near DD Beans) in Jaffrey, at the cul de sac find a place to park. There is a small sign and footbridge visible from the road, then it’s a simple as following an old stone wall about 1000 feet. The site looks like an old cellar hole, but if you notice there is a headstone for all six individuals buried at this location.

For more information on the Small Pox Cemetery visit


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