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Kurgo Quantum Leash

Kurgo Big Baxter Pack and Quantum LeashI was introduced to the brand Kurgo a couple years ago when they were a sponsor for National Trails Day. I was hosting a Hike it Baby hike for NTD and was submitting my hike to the NTD calendar for greater access. Part of the NTD submission asked if the hike was dog friendly and if it was you could sign up to receive a goody bag from Kurgo that would include the Big Baxter pack. Well I was skeptic that I would receive anything, but entered my information anyways. Within a few weeks, a large box arrived and in it held a Big Baxter pack, a couple collapsible water bowls, a tee shirt, stickers and how-to booklet on dog first aid. Ever since then I have been a fan of Kurgo.

One of my biggest pet peeves is holding a leash when hiking, but I also do not like allowing Brady to hike off leash, for his safety and for respect of other hikers. 20170516_123420I had been eyeing the Kurgo Quantum leash for awhile and finally purchased it off Amazon. This leash is exactly what I wanted! It features a sturdy clip on one end that allows you to change the style and length of the leash. It has multiple options on how it can be set up, such as a standard leash, a short leash, long leash, sash or waist belt. My go to use is the long leash. I use it to hook to my trailer hitch at trailheads so I know Brady is secure, but not cooped up in the car whining to get out.

When hiking I will clip it to my shoulder strap adjuster so that I do not have to hold the leash and yet he is still leashed and under control.20170516_123352

I Definitely recommend this leash and the Big Baxter pack for anyone who hike with their dog and does not want to always hold the leash and wants to allow their dog to carry its own water and treats.

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