Trip Reports

A New Bike and A New App

Sometimes as you are wandering back and forth through the supermarket, you come across an item being raffled off most keep walking by, few enter, kids fill out cards with random names and phone numbers. Well a few weeks ago, Hannafords in Rindge had a new mountain bike they were raffling off. Knowing that my bianchi is over 15 years old, and has definitely seen better days, I decide to take a chance with spam calls and emails and entered to win a new bike.

I was completely shocked when I got a phone call the other day from the manager at Hannafords telling me I WON! So I dug out my bike rack, tossed it on my car and headed up to Hannafords to collect my winning bike. The giveaway was sponsored by Honest Tea an organic iced tea company owned by Coca-Cola. I was even more excited when they didn’t make me take a picture or fill out a winners profile. I was in and out in a few minutes. 

After getting back home, I still had a few hours to kill until I need to pick Aubrey up from school so I decided to take a quick spin down the rail trail and go find a geocache. I had just downloaded the app and wanted to log my first find. The geocache was located about 1.25 miles from home so it would be a good test ride distance. The trail was muddy and had quite a few ruts thanks to the jerks who think it’s ok to ride dirt bikes on the rail trail (it’s illegal). Once I got to the general location of the geocache I hopped off my bike and began to search by foot.
At first the app was a bit confusing telling me I was 100ft away, 15 feet and back to 100ft away all within a few seconds. I soon realized it wasn’t the app but the poor service in the area, I was moving to quick and by the time the app would update, it would need to update the location again. Once I slowed way down I found the area it was in. My first go around of the area I didn’t find anything, so I almost said it’s not here and took off. I convinced myself to look one more time and found it! 

What a great hiding spot.
I logged my find, headed back to my bike and pedaled all the way home along the rail trail. What a good day! 

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