Trip Reports

Perry Forest and Hubbard Pond

I finally made it out to my adopted forest. As a volunteer Land Steward I committed to visiting this forest at least four times each year to observe it and keep it clean. 20170418_104124Today was my first visit here. I have driven by this property countless times and wondered what there is to find out there, but since its not a “featured property” with SPNHF it does not have any official trails and does not offer any information online. Often times in hunting season this property is a swarmed with hunters, as you can drive by at anytime of the season and see multiple trucks parked along the road.

Since this was my first visit I decided to stick to the old dirt/logging road that cuts straight through the property and meets up with Hubbard Road on Annett State Park land. The hike was very easy to follow, some sections of this road were flooded requiring Brady and I to explore some of the forest off to the sides. I would scan the ground for trash, or signs of camping/party spots as well as scan the trees for left over or permanent tree stands. The only thing I found was recent trail work, where someone had cleared away some of the winter blowdowns from the trail with a chainsaw, but then again another land steward could have been out there recently and done this work. I made a note of my finding in the report I submitted to SPNHF.

I made it to the end of the Perry Forest boundary and crossed into Annett State Park. I came across a young grove of pine trees.20170418_102252 It was a fresh feeling in an old wooden forest. The grove was open and a good area for a picnic (I’ll have to bring out HiB friends here!). After this new growth area the old logging road met up with Hubbard Road, another old road, which I think is technically a class 5 or 6 road its passable, but you will want 4wheel drive. I decided to head down to view Hubbard Pond which was only about a half mile from the intersection. Again it was an easy walk along a quiet road, and only heard woodpeckers stealing bugs from trees. There were a few ducks nesting along the banks of the pond that were startled from their spot as we walked by. I was really hoping to spot a moose. Not today but hopefully one of these visits I will see one. Considering the only time I have seen a moose in my life was crossing Route 124 and heading into Perry Forest. Fingers Crossed.

After a short break, Brady and I retraced our path back to my car. 20170418_103628On the way back I spotted a large mushroom growing on the side of the tree. One of these days, I will get myself enrolled into a mushroom course. I’m not even necessarily interested in edibles, but mushrooms in general. They are all so different and interesting. I would love to learn how to identify them so I can better educate those with me.

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