Trip Reports

A Flooded MacDowell Dam

20170412_103345Oh how a week can change trail conditions! Last week the main trail that flows the lakes edge was covered in snow and this week the trail was completely flooded! We rounded the corner and I looked ahead and could see a glimmer of water covering the trail. At first I figured it was just a small section that was flooded and we might be able to cross it and continue on our walk.
It wasn’t until we got up closer that we realized that the trail was completely flooded as far as we could see and there would be no more continuing along the trail. It was so deeply flooded that there were ducks swimming and diving over the trail.

Our little hikers weren’t ready to call it quits just yet,20170412_103805 so they spent time exploring the flooded trail, testing limits on how far they could wander before we would call them back. I had forgone putting on Aubrey’s Oakiwear suit and quickly regretted not putting it on her, she was quickly soaking wet and her boots were full of water. But really she had fun splashing and exploring.

After they got their fill of the flooded trail we made out way back to the playground. I was majorly disappointed that they had done some changes to the small playground and made it even smaller and when you add more than a couple toddlers it becomes crowded and not ideal for groups. I hope the changes are only temporary and they will replacing the missing pieces sometime soon.

Af20170412_115035ter our hike Aubrey got to have a special treat for lunch. For the past few months every time we drive by Charlie’s Ice Cream she asks if we can go. I kept telling her that once all the snow melts we can get ice cream. Wednesday was opening day and as we drove by on our way to MacDowell she pointed out that the snow was all gone and she asked if we could go. She was excited when we pulled in and got to have ice cream for lunch!

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