Trip Reports

Pack Monadnock

Aubrey was at a sleepover at Nana’s house, so I decided to take off and hike on my own, Sunday morning. After debating for far too long on what mountain I wanted to hike I finally settled on Pack Monadnock. I arrived at the trailhead just before 11am and it was already very full of cars. It was a gorgeous morning so I wasn’t surprised that it was that busy.

I headed up off the Marion Davis trail with bare boots, but shortly stopped to put my microspikes since the trail was a mixed bag of conditions and it was still pretty slick in the dying spring snow. White Capped mountain view on top of Pack Monadnock Miller State Park Peterborough NH Wapack TrailThe trail was ever changing, one minute it would be covered in snow, the next it was dry trail, and then sections of mud. It wasn’t the best hiking conditions.

I had taken Brady with me, which was a struggle. He hasn’t been hiking in a few months so he had put on his winter weight and wasn’t in shape for such a strenuous hike, I almost think Aubrey would have hiked faster than he did! We only saw a few people on the way up but soon as we reached the summit, there were about a dozen other hikers, and probably 6 other dogs all enjoying the sun and taking in the gorgeous views. The Boston Skyline from Pack Monadnock Miller State Park Peterborough NH Wapack Trail

There were several white capped mountains off in the distance, and Boston was clear on the horizon at almost 60 miles away. Its always such a treat to stand on top of the mountain and see cities and landmarks so far away.

After taking a break, and eating lunch on one of the picnic tables I decided it was time to head back down. I opted for the Auto Road instead of a trail, I wanted to give Brady an easier time on the way down than he had on the way up. He was much happier on the way down and kept up a better pace. 20170409_125522

We reached the trailhead and was amazed to see that even more cars were in the parking lot. The nice thing with Pack Monadnock, its that it can be very busy with hikers, but there are three trail options from the main trailhead, and two others in different locations so the hikers can be well spread out and you will never feel like you are hiking along a conga line.

It was a wonderful day for a hike, I always enjoy taking time to hike by myself decompress and reflect on things.

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