Trip Reports

Casalis State Forest

Casalis State Forest, Hike it Baby Monadnock, First Day of SpringSpring as sprung! Well the calendar says its spring, but the amount of snow on the ground begs to differ!

Casalis has been sitting on my “need to explore” list for sometime now. Lately I have grown bored of all the usual locations we have been hiking, and tackling mountains with Aubrey is not something I want to do when there is still a decent amount of snow on the ground. It’s not because I am not comfortable with her hiking in the snow, it just slows her down and I would rather hike them when our pace is even slower than normal (for example our pace today was almost 1mph, but there was lot of playing involved with Hike it Baby friends). So for not we are sticking to easier low land trails, to help build her stamina up so once the ground clears we can start climbing mountains again. Casalis State Forest, Hike it Baby Monadnock, First Day of Spring

The other issue I have been having with hikes lately is finding places that will accommodate multiple cars when snow is present. Since I have driven by the trailhead, I knew that there was a large parking area, and then I assumed that since Sheiling State Forest right down the road is plowed regularly I figured that this trailhead would be plowed as too. Well you know what they say when you assume something……

Needless to say the parking area was not plowed but luckily the shoulder of the road was wide enough that we were able to park off the road. Roadside parking on busier road is not my ideal parking for Hike it Baby meet ups since kids and speeding cars aren’t a good mix. But we made due like usual. We crossed the street and us adults put out snowshoes on, the kids were light enough that they didn’t need them, and really us adults could have left them behind as well. I was trying out a new-to-me pair of Yuba shoes, that I don’t think I really cared for. I liked them a bit more than my Yukon Charlies, because they are narrower, but they were also longer. I guess I will just keep saving up to splurge on the Tubbs Flex that I have been eyeing.

To much of my surprise, Aubrey took off up the trail and was all about getting some trail under her feet. I haven’t seen her take off and hike like that in a while. However we are going to need to work on listening to when I say stop and making sure she is staying where she can see me. Things to work on this summer, not expecting it to happen over nights.

Casalis State Forest, Hike it Baby Monadnock, First Day of SpringThe trail was nice and wide, I am curious to see what it looks like without snow on the ground, because as it looked today it would be a perfect meet up for Hike it Baby. Its wide and while its not well marked its easy to follow.
There are also multiple trail options to take, so each time it can be a different experience. The trail passes by a stump pond, which I am sure is a great place to catch frogs and salamanders in the summer. There is also signs of beaver, so hopefully we can do some spring summer time observations of the animals that call that pond home. There was a small section that was a bit flooded, but we made it across without any issues. Aubrey was upset I wouldn’t let her walk across on her own, but I didn’t trust her to not pull a silly stunt halfway across and end up soaking wet and miserable, because had that happened she would have blamed me. Its always my fault. I know this.

Casalis State Forest, Hike it Baby Monadnock, First Day of SpringThere were also signs of rabbits and I am assuming deer. This odd dug up area makes me think a deer was searching for greens, but the tracks leading to the location weren’t identifiable as they were old and didn’t give me much evidence.

All in all this was a great hike to bring in the spring season, Hopefully the rest of spring will be just as nice.

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