Trip Reports

Shieling Forest…again 

Today another Hike it Baby Monadnock member organized a hike at Shieling Forest. Its always nice to go to hikes where I don’t have to be in charge so Aubrey and I got dressed and headed out the door. When we arrived the entire area looked completely different than it was just a couple weeks ago. The large field area was completely free of snow. We all decided that from the looks of the area that none of us would need any type of traction….we were partly right. The hill leading down to the first brook crossing was pretty icy and we all took our turn slipping and sliding. Us adults finally took a cue from the kids and slid down the hill on our butts. Once we made it across the bridge the trail cleared right up and there was very little ice and snow left. We took the Boulder Trail out to the large glacial erratic boulders and had a playtime and snack time there. The kids explored the area and once we had our fill we headed back to the cars via the Flower Trail, which was really nice. There was one small stream to cross that was a bit swollen but easily crossed. Luckily when it was time to venture up the big icy hill the temperature had warmed to the point where it wasn’t so slick and we easily managed to climb back up.
Aubrey did her fair share of whining and complaining. Which a blame winter on. Sure she has been active all winter, but she has not really been hiking, so now that spring is on us it is time to get her moving more. Time to get her endurance back. The end of last summer our hiking slowed because she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease so she was fighting with that and the side effects of month long antibiotics. We have a lot of ground to cover this spring if we still plan on hiking Mount Monadnock this summer and possibly our first 4k.  So now it starts. The Couch to 4k training program begins 🙂

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