Trip Reports

Temple Mountain and Rock Living Room

Tuesday morning means Aubrey gets dropped off at preschool and I have the day to myself. This usually means I go home and sleep but with a bright sun, warming temps and little wind I decided my day would be better sent hiking. After dropping Aubrey off I headed to Shaw’s to pick up some snacks and then to EMS to get more fuel for my JetBoil and I had hopes for finding a butt sled, sadly they didn’t have any.20170221_113057

I arrived to the parking lot for the old Temple Mountain Ski area and I was surprisingly the only car there. I finished packing my pack and headed off up hill. I had chose Temple because it had been a while since I did hike that had any elevation change. I wanted to get an easier hike in so that on Thursday I would do a harder hike without being so out of shape.

The trail was packed but had quite a few postholes from hikers over the weekend that hiked on soft snow in the warm temps without snowshoes. It was early enough in the morning that the trail was still nicely frozen. My microspikes gripped nicely, especially in areas that had hard blue ice.

There was a major trail hazard right off the bat. 20170221_122203At the Garage/Shed area within the first quarter mile a power line had fallen and was hanging extremely low. The only time I post-holed was when I stepped off the trail to go under the power line at an area that it was still at a safe distance above the ground. At the lowest the power line is less than 6ft from the snow. Heads up to anyone hiking the Wapack.
I have messaged The Friends of The Wapack about this hazard so hopefully they can contact the proper people to fix this soon.
20170221_114651Once I reached the cell towers at the top, I took the short cut to meet back up with the wapack trail.
The trail in the woods was in much better condition than the Wapack up to the towers, most be because the general goal of the weekend hikers was just that viewpoint.

20170221_112929I decided I would go visit the Rock Living Room for a lunch break. I was curious what they looked like in the winter. I was expecting that they had seen many other hikers who had possibly dug out the chairs and fire pits but to my surprise there was very little activity to the area. The chairs were all mostly buried in snow. I found a seat on one of the rock formations and fired up my JetBoil. I had seen posts in other hiking forums about Minute Muffins as a hiking meal. 20170221_112528The real instructions say to add water and microwave for a minute and you have a fresh warm muffin.
Being the first time I used this mix I didn’t quite know exactly what to expect. I added the water and let it set while I had another snack. I think I added too much water as it ended up as a soupy/pudding like consistency. I wasn’t expecting a full on muffin but was hoping for something a bit firmer. Next time less water.

After relaxing for a bit I headed back down the same way I came, stopping for a quick photo-op at the cell tower viewpoint. 20170221_120236As I headed down the trail was noticeably softer as the temps had warmed into the mid 40’s and the sun was really hitting the trail. I made it all the way back to my car without seeing another person! As soon as I tossed my pack into the back of the Escape another car pulled in and a couple headed up. Its always nice to hike and not see a single person.

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