Trip Reports

Snowshoeing at Gilson Pond

Each Wednesday Aubrey and I host a meet up at Gilson Pond for Hike it Baby Monadnock. Usually it features a group of 3-5 families and we head up the access road and down to the playground. It gives our kids a chance to burn off some energy and get fresh air, which is usually much needed in the middle of the week. The access road to the playground is usually well packed and easily passable with bare boots or light traction. We all pull sleds for the kids to ride in.

wp-image-2096015482jpg.jpgThis week was a bit different. We just faced back to pack snow storms that dropped around 30 inches of snow in just a few days! I called an audible. I suggested everyone bring snowshoes because of the amount of fresh snow. A few parents commented they didn’t have snowshoes either for themselves or their children, but they were graciously offered extras from others. Another reason I love Hike it Baby, if a parent expresses that they do not have necessary gear, there is usually multiple others who offer up gear to let them borrow so they can come!

Aubrey who initially was excited to “shoe” with her friends quickly shut down before even leaving the parking lot and ended up sulking in her sled the entire time. She refused to move her feet when wearing the snowshoes. I ended up pulling her up the trail in the sled. Instead of taking the access road, which did not have a broken out trail, we took a side trail that left the parking lot that was well packed. When we reached the top of the hill to where it splits to head down to Gilson Pond or up to the playground, we made the decision to forgo the playground, as there was not a broken trail and none of us really wanted to break trail with toddlers. wp-image-1955461562jpg.jpgWe followed the trail as far as we could, which stopped shortly after turning on to the Birchtoft trail that leads to the summit of Mount Monadnock. It looks as if whoever broke the trail all the way to that point decided they had enough and turned around. We ended up playing for almost an hour in the large field at the start of the Birchtoft Trail/Pond Loop trail. The kids all had fun learning to walk in snowshoes and making snow angels. All except Aubrey who kept complaining she was cold (there’s two things to know about Aubrey 1) She’s always cold 2) She often times confused cold with hot) I gave her a Hot Hands to play with and she started to cheer up. Once we had our fill we headed back down to the car, Aubrey again complaining her hands were cold. wp-image-1656128280jpg.jpgWe got back to the car and I cranked the heat and stripped her from the snowgear. I halfway expected to find that her fingers where actually cold from the amount of complaining she did, but they weren’t and when I asked her why she said that and he mumbled something along the lines that she wasn’t cold, but wanted to go home and watch Go Diego, Go and play inside. Fair enough kid, but next time tell me before we leave the house!

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