Trip Reports

Shieling Forest 

Sometimes I forget about some of my favorite trails (because the list is huge, I mean have you seen our trail guide?!). Shieling Forest fits the bill for a forgotten hike. The trails are an easy hike over bridges  (careful one is permanently closed which lead to some creative footwork to get to the other side), along stonewall, and passes by glacial erratic boulders. Always something to explore. 

I hosted a Hike it Baby meet up here on Monday, it was right around 30 degrees  at start time. A few chickens pecked around the parking lot, which provided entertainment while waiting for others t arrive. I gave Aubrey the option to walk or hitch around ride, and she chose ride. Only one other family showed up, which was to be expected when temperatures drop below freezing. We headed off doing the large outer loop. The trails were well packed out but a good layer of ice was present so good thing we both had MicroSpikes or else it might have not been as smooth walking. The trail had lots of blow down branches, nothing blocking the trail, but enough to make it look like mother nature got sick all throughout the forest. We only saw a few tracks from deer and rabbits, but that was to be expected with the icy crust. 

About halfway through Aubrey announced she was cold. She’s always cold, and even then she will say she’s cold and she’s really hot, a bit of toddler dyslexia. It wasn’t until we were 3/4 of the way done she really made her discontent known and started whining persistently. Ok I got the message kid! I tried to convince her to walk to help warm up but she wanted nothing to do with it. Once we popped back up the hill and she saw our car she instantly perked and wanted to walk to the car on her own.

Not every hike is perfect, and I never really expect them to be, as half the adventure is learning to adjust. 

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