Trip Reports

Sledding at Gilson

After being cooped up in the house all day Tuesday because of sleet/freezing rain/classic wintry mix getting out with our Hike it Baby friends was very welcomed. Each week I host a group meet up at Gilson Pond Campground, which is part of Monadnock State Park. In warmer weather we usually take the long way around to the playground circling through the closed down campground, however in the winter we generally head straight to the playground at the center of the campground. We arrived shortly before the designated meeting time, and waited for the rest of our hiker friends to arrive. We all finished getting ready, loaded up our sleds and headed up the hill on an adventure to find our “secret” playground. Once at the top of the hill, the Playground sits down a slight slope, but I walked right past the playground and Aubrey instantly flipped out, “Mommy! Playground! Back there!” What she didn’t know is I had my sight set on the large hill off to the side. We were sledding down first! Once she realized that we were sledding, her mood changed! “Again, Again!” After a couple runs, we headed to the swings and let others have a turn.

Then next thing I know, Aubrey had slipped out of sight. Where did she go?! Then I look over at the sledding hill, and there is Aubrey all by herself teaching herself how to butt slide down without a sled. The snow was perfect for this because there was a layer of ice on top so it was very slick! Eventually sliding on her butt got boring, time to change things up. That’s is when she taught herself how to slide down face first like a penguin.

After a solid 2 hours playing in temperatures right at the freezing point we decided it was best to head back down the cars and call it a day before the inevitable meltdowns occurred. On the way down the hill, as I was pulling Aubrey in her sled, it kept sliding ahead of me so I figured “what the heck?!” and hopped in and we took off down the hill all the way to the parking lot! That was a blast. Kids really do make you a kid again!.

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