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Onya Outback

Onya Baby (like “wear your baby On-Ya”), is a huge supporter of Hike it Baby, and they have graciously been donating Onya Carriers to Branch Ambassadors to have access to a carrier for personal use and/or to loan out to members who might not have a carrier or their own, or want to try a different brand. I received my loaner Onya in August 2015, which I was very excited for. My personal soft structured carrier was an ErgoBaby, and I have grown to hate it. Aubrey has always been very tall for her age and the Ergo did not fit her long body. The back panel was extremely small, good for babies but not for older kids. The Onya features a larger  back panel and it features additional adjustments to make the seat area bigger (or smaller) depending on the size of the child, most SSC lack this feature. There is one feature that ONLY the Onya carriers feature, that makes it even more versatile, it features a build in high chair. There is a secret pocket that holds a chair harness that when the carrier is strapped to a chair the harness buckles the child in. This is great for traveling, no need to worry about not having a safe place for your child to sit!

Onya has four different  models-

The Outback- It features rugged materials, similar to what backpacks are made out of. High quality ripstop nylon and mesh. This is great for families who spend a lot of time outside, as it will hold up well to abuse of dirt and other obstacles nature will throw at it. My one complaint with the Outback is that I would be hesitant to use it with a newborn.The fabric is not soft cotton, which might be too rough for younger snugly babies.

The NexStep- Exactly the same as the Outback but uses all recycled materials.

The Cruiser- Is the soft cotton version.

The Pure- This is the newest Onya carrier, it is designed to be lightweight and breathable. They have taken away the highchair option, and pocket and replaced it with a zipper panel to expose breathable mesh. This is ideal for use in hot climates as the open mesh panel can allow sweat to evaporate away from the child and promotes air flow for better temperature regulation. No more sweaty carriers!

I have enjoyed using the Onya Outback, it rolls up compact for easy of storage, so you can stash it in a backpack and take it out when needed. I always keep it in my car because you never know when you need a carrier!

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