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Osprey Poco Plus (2014)

We needed something better than the craiglist Kelty deal I first got. So we stopped into EMS on our way home from a hike because I “just wanted to look at it”. I was given the recommendation of the Osprey Poco Plus from a Co-Worker who worked at EMS as well. The price tag was the only thing holding me back, ringing in at $289 it was a pretty penny for a carrier. It was a hard decision as Aubrey was just over a year old, and was already walking, so my main concern was how much we would actually use it. The sales guy allowed me to try it on, with Aubrey inside, and showed me how to adjust it properly. It was such a huge difference from the Kelty! There wasn’t any pulling on my shoulders and it sat well on my hips. What I liked even more was the amount of pockets it had! I would have plenty of room to store everything I needed. It also featured a built in sunshade, and a designated sleeve for my water bladder, which meant no more bladder sweat on items stored inside the pack! In total the Poco Plus has 10 different pockets for ultimate storage organization. It also features Osprey’s add on system so I could easy attach the Osprey Daylite pack for even more storage.

The Poco Plus, featured a back panel that was easy to access and adjust so switching between myself (5’3″) and my husband (6’2″) was really easy. It was also made of mesh so on hot humid summer days, the pack was not directly on our packs and allowed air to circulate around and allow sweat to wick away. For Aubrey, the seat was far more comfortable and featured stirrups so her legs no longer had to dangle and she could use them to help readjust herself to get into comfortable positions.

Osprey has recently updated the Osprey Poco to the new “AG” version that I have yet to have the chance to try out. The good news is with the updated version is that it has made the “old” version more affordable, as it can be found on clearance for under $150!



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