Trip Reports

Little Mountain Viewpoint Round 2

On Monday, I hosted a Hike it Baby hike that was short and sweet hike to the same place I began the year of hiking!
However this time instead of taking the Parker Trail from the Monadnock State Park Headquarters the 1.5 miles out, we started from the Old Toll Road and went up the short .7 miles to the viewpoint. 20170116_110148This was a wonderful hike (that was also terrible!) that I cannot wait to host it again. The hike follows the Old Toll Road .6 miles up, which is essentially a road walk as Old Toll Road is someones driveway. Then after taking the right onto the Parker Trail, you follow it a very short distance up to the viewpoint. We missed the turn off for the unmarked trail up to the vista, so it required a bit of bushwacking, but since we had been there and could clearly see our destination I was not concerned with going off the trail (plus was there even one?! The only time I had been out to the vista was when the ground was covered in snow and the trail was packed by previous hikers.)
We made it to the top and enjoyed a gorgeous view and short snack break. On the way back down we were able to spot a tree decorated in cranberries and pine cones, which was remembered from the first trip.20170101_122021 Once we spotted this landmark, a trail became obvious, it was still unmarked but easy to follow.
Now for the terrible, My patience with Aubrey. She started out wanting to hike on her own, but quickly changed her mind and wanted to be carried just like the other kids that were with us. This is a hard phase. I want her to hike on her own to build up stamina for bigger hikes come summer time, but I do not want to make her hate hiking either. I got frustrated and I shouldn’t have,
I regret it now and I am chalking it up as a lesson learned. If I get frustrated on small hikes, bigger hikes are going to be worse. I need to let her go at her pace, and listen to her when she says shes done. This will only benefit us in the long run!

Tree decorated with Cranberry Garland


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