Trip Reports

Ice Castles and Sledding in Lincoln

We headed off on our journey north on Saturday morning, and met up with my in laws and their two foster children at the rest area of 93. We arrived in Lincoln around 1pm and stopped for a quick lunch before heading to the Ice Castles.20170114_150832
In comparison to last year the Ice Castles were a huge let down. Last year they featured more “rooms” with fun designs and ice work ceilings. 20170114_150012
There were many tunnels to explore, which was a huge hit with Aubrey last year. This year however it seemed as if they were trying to make the space bigger so more people can fit in at once (higher capacity=more ticket sales), and they really lacked the interaction aspect. There was one big slide, and one very small toddler slide, and two tiny tunnels. That’s it. After being in for about a half hour we were done. We spent some more time walking around seeing if we missed anything, but really we didn’t.20170114_150432_001 Another huge let down was that they advertised that “Snow Princesses” would be there and we never saw them either. So we left.
We checked into our hotel and grabbed our suits and headed to the pool. We spent much of the afternoon swimming and soaking in the hot tub (which wasn’t very hot). Aubrey hated the hotel for some reason. 20170114_152702Every time we entered our room she would cry out that she wanted to go to “good house” and that she didn’t want to stay. Luckily the busy day without a nap caught up to her and she passed out quickly and slept soundly through the night, even with the elephants walking around the room above us.
The next morning we got up and had breakfast at the hotel, and got our snow gear on and headed out to get sleds and went to “The Kanc” Rec area, a town ski area with a sledding hill off to the side. I am so jealous they have such a great spot and wish we had something similar at home! The single rope tow is perfect for beginners (and townies who do not want to deal with the crowds at Loon), for $5 you can ski for the entire day! Non Residents have to pay $20 however. The sledding hill is free for all, when we first arrived there were only a few other people there, but as noon time rolled around, the place quickly filled up and we took our sleds and headed out, said goodbye to the in-laws and the girls and headed the two hour drive home. We barely made it to the highway and Aubrey was sound asleep, and slept all the way home! The long exciting weekend had definitely caught up to her and she took the rest she needed!

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