Trip Reports

North Pack Monadnock

North Pack Monadnock was truly a great find of a hike! The trailhead was easy to find off of Mountain Road in Greenfield. To much of my surprise there was a full paved parking lot! The Friends of the Wapack trail guide I have only described the trailhead parking as a small pull off on the side of the road, so I was excited to see they had built a new larger parking area. I was even more excited to see that the local police monitor the area, as one had pulled in and sat for awhile watching for those speeding down Mountain Road.

The trailhead had a nice board, with an QR Code for scanning with smartphone so you can download a digital copy of a Wapack Trail Map. Really great feature and hopefully more trail systems start doing this to help get trail maps in the hand of more hikers to prevent lost hiker calls.

The trail was really nice. Wide and well maintained. The yellow triangle blazes were easy to spot and follow. All the bridges and bog boards are in good condition. There were many fun challenging sections that really push childwearing hikers. I enjoy hikes that add a challenge to them because the reward of completing it after really feels great. The rocks scrambles were no where near Grand Monadnock, but enough to really test your strength.

The summit had limited directional views, we could see Grand Monadnock and South Pack Monadnock. The summit had a very large rock cairn. I totally was off my game and didn’t take any pictures. So only in memory or until we do this hike again.

On the way back down, it started to sprinkle but it was welcome since we were hot and sweaty. It was a great day for a hike, and is definitely moving to the “We will hike again” list!

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