Trip Reports

Pack Monadnock

20160419_123709When I got out of work at 7am it was sunny and warm for the time of day. However by the time our hike was scheduled to meet, the temps had dropped and the sun was covered by clouds. Meeting at the trailhead at Pack Monadnock was cold. Everyone was pulling out extra layers, and offering extras to those who didn’t have them.

We set off up the Marion Davis trail to the summit. The trail easy for the first section, minor uphill sections,followed by flat or even downhill sections,  then once the Fire Tower, was in sight the climb was completely uphill until the summit. It took us a little over an hour to reach the summit and break for snacks.

20160419_121810We found shelter from the wind next to the picnic shelter, as there was a family already inside using the picnic table area. They were thru hiking the wapack trail, which was impressive, it was two dads, three children between the ages of 5 and 10 (guessing) and a dog. They were taking a break and one of the fathers was reading a book out loud to the kids who exploring the area. It was very nice to see that they were taking the time to both expose their children to nature and to teach them reading skills.

We had a nice break at the top, took in the amazing views, that we got lucky that the sky finally cleared as we reached the summit. 20160419_123538Off to the east, we saw smoke and there was yet another brush fire burning in the state. It was neat to see that, even though it means bad things. It helped show how valuable the fire towers across the state are to spotting fires that erupt during dry periods.

After almost an hour we packed our stuff up and decided our course of action for heading down the mountain. We decided as a group, to take the Wapack Trail down the mountain. The Wapack trail was very nice. It offered a really “good” feeling forest, with many tall trees, moss, and rock paths. The views to the east were amazing in areas. We were all feeling great on the way down. The closer we got to the bottom the harder it got. Then it became very hard. The trail required a lot of butt slides and jumping down in areas. These small areas of scrambling really help show people how hard Grand Monadnock can be for those who are carrying children.

We finally made it to the parking lot, even after times of feeling like we were hiking the wrong direction, and the parking lot wasn’t getting any closer and that we would never make it. These hikes that push people to their  limits and show them how strong they really are, makes me proud to see others growing stronger as hikers. 20160419_123815



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