Trip Reports

Skatutakee and Thumb

Panorama of the view from Skatutakee

Happy to move this hike to the done list! While it was a great hike, we probably will not be revisiting it until Aubrey can hike it completely on her own. Sunday morning was absolutely perfect for hiking with temps warming into the low 70s it was perfect. Well except for the fact that black flies have decided to show up 😦

I am not sure on the actual mileage we ended up doing. Books say it should be about 4.9 miles, my Garmin Vivofit2 said we did 5.7 miles and my Gaia GPS said 6.3 miles. Vastly different results so not sure what to believe. Click here for the Gaia GPS track

So we headed up the Harriskat trail that leave the Harris Center in Hancock shortly after 10:30am, the going was nice, the elevation gain was nice gradual and the going was easy. SKATHUMB3Eventually the trail turned more up hill but there were small switchbacks to easy the climb. At about 1.25 miles we came across a large blowdown of trees that required us to bushwhack our way around and back to the trail. After the bushwhack it started to get more steep, and eventually started to open up to the rocky summits typical of NH mountains. At the 2 mile mark we reached the summit of Skatutakee, which was really nice for kids. Open with areas to explore and a neat cairn chair. After a short snack break, we headed off to our next peak, Thumb.

To get to Thumb we followed the Thumbs Up trail, Which for the first half was mostlySKATHUMB1 downhill and easy hiking. After about a mile of this easy hiking we reached the junction of
Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down. To reach the summit of Thumb you need to continue to follow the Thumbs up trail about a half mile to the summit, but in this half mile you are going pretty straight up hill. Once you reach the summit of Thumb there is a nice bench area around a cairn that provides directional views and a great place for another snack break. The summit of Thumb was not nearly as impressive of Skatutakee.

We once again packed back up and followed the Thumbs Up trail back down to the junction point where we took Thumbs Down all the way back down the mountain. We passed a nice pond that we found frogs, and salamanders in. Brady took a short swim. After exploring the pond we again set back down the trail until the we meet up with the Harriskat trail that led us all the way back to the Harris Center.

It was an impressive 4 hour hike, I won’t soon forget but won’t soon be back.


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