Trip Reports

Pitcher Mountain

Pitcher1.jpgAubrey did it! She hiked her first mountain on her own two feet! As we move forward in our NH Fire Tower Quest Patch, we hiked Pitcher Mountain in Stoddard NH. Pitcher Mountain is 2,153ft tall and is reached by a short half mile walk up the access road. This access road makes it very kid friendly as its wide and level.The last leg of the hike up is a fun challenge for kids as it requires some climbing of rocks (adults won’t notice these scrambles, but kids will love it). The motivation to climb

the tower in sight is just enough to push the kids up the last bit. We were

Checking out the Summit Marker

lucky enough that the Fire Warden was in the tower and he invited us up for a visit. Aubrey loved the climb up the tower, Miss No Fear. Coming down was a bit trickier and I ended up carrying her since going down stairs backwards is a skill she has yet to master.

“I did it”

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