Trip Reports

Kidder Mountain

Weather finally made a turn for the better, the last bit of snow that was dumped on us was gone, and the temps had warmed to around 50 degrees. Itching to get out I offered a hike at Kidder Mountain in New Ipswich. I am sure I have said before but kidder is a new favorite. Its not very hard, the elevation gain is mild, but the distance is longer so it makes it a worthy hike and the views at the top are awesome. The summit is totally kid friendly and offers a wide area to run and play.

Today I was joined with two other mommas and we had a great hike all the way up to the top. Neither of them had done this hike before so it was fun for me to see their reactions to the same things that blew me away my first hike. The trail was VERY MUDDY. I need to remind myself to buy some waterproofing spray for my boots. They are still doing a very good job keeping my feet dry but I do notice that towards the end of hikes they might start allowing some water through. A quick spray down should be sufficient.

I didn’t take many pictures on this hike but here is a candid one of the other moms took of Aubrey and I adding to the large Cairn at the top. Aubrey picked up this “game” the other day on Temple Ledges and now every time we see one she wants to add to it. Kidder Cairn.jpg

On this hike I also tried out a new piece of equipment. I resurrected my old iPhone 4s as a GPS device. I will write a separate post on how I did this 🙂 But now my posts will also feature a track of our hike 🙂 Kidder Mountain GPS Track


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