Trip Reports

Temple Ledges

TempleLedges1.jpgSunday morning lead to an impromptu hike, joined by Brammy and Papa. We hiked another section of the Wapack Trail. The trailhead is located off Greenleaf Road in Sharon NH. The hike starts right off with a uphill climb, no warming up on flat land for this one! The trail was lined with stonewalls, built with flat rocks. Also cairns were located along theTempleLedges2 trail. Aubrey enjoyed adding a rock or two to the formations that we passed. We stopped at the top of the ledges for a snack time and break.

There was an amazing overlook of the south. The day was so clear that we were able to see Boston (over 50 miles away), we took sometime to name the towers we saw and said “Hi” to the little cars and houses on the road below.

You can’t really see it in the picture but the Boston Skyline is in the circle. 

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