Trip Reports

Federal Hill

April 1st was the start of the April HiB30 HIB 30 April 2016 Logo - BannerChallenge. This challenge is a fun way that Hike it Baby helps raise money to support the website and administrative fees associated with running such a large group. In this month long challenge families set the goals to either hike 30Federal Hill 3 miles or spend 30 minutes outside three times a week…or BOTH. When families register for this challenge they are entered into a pretty sweet prize pool. I have won twice out off the six challenges I have participated in.

The first hike of our month long challenge was actually part of another challenge Aubrey and I will complete this spring. We are working on our NH Fire Tower Quest patch. Which after hiking to at least 5 of the 16 NH Fire Towers, we will submit to earn our first hikin
g patch. The nice thing about this patch list, is that many of the hikes are toddler friendly and have a neat point of interest at the top.

Our first hike was up Federal Hill in Milford NH. This is located off Ponemah Hill R
oad and its actually very easy to find. The trail up is the wide access road Federal Hill 2that is not
challenging but more like a walk up a long steep driveway. We made it the half mile walk up to the tower in about 25 minutes, not bad for a group of toddlers who sometimes would hike the wrong direction. At the top we looked over the tower and took some pictures at the bottom stairs. Unlike the tower at Pack Monadnock this one had no protective fencing around the stairs so I wasn’t comfortable letting Federal Hill 1Aubrey climb too high.

After a snack break and time to play in the dirt and mud, we all headed back down the hill…which was much quicker because running down hill is much more fun!

While I dreaded the time when our hikes would get shorter and slower, I am starting to appreciate them more and more and look forward to the days we start taking on longer adventures together.

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