Trip Reports

Mount Wachusett

wachusett1Mount Wachusett has been another local mountain sitting on my “To Hike List”  so when I say that the Hike it Baby Worcester County was leading a hike here I jumped at the the chance to join in on this hike. It was also nice that I didn’t have to worry about planning a route and figuring out which way to go, sometimes I really hate that part.

The day started off cooler, needing a couple lighter layers, but by the time we reach the summit it had warmed up considerably. I really liked the trails we hiked as they were moderately challenging in spots (mainly due to the fact that I am carrying a 25lb toddler on my back). There were many areas to stop and take in views. Once at the summit, we had a short snack break and photo ops. It had a good wind and I really wish I had brought Aubrey’s new kite. She took right off to explore the large fire tower and it was a disappointment that they have retractable stairs so you can only go up to the base of the tower and not any higher. We could see Mount Monadnock and Boston from the base.

I let Aubrey walk most of the way down the access road. We opted to take the access road down to the parking lot as the hike was a bit more challenging and time consuming than some had anticipated. She walked almost 2 miles down until she actually started asking to get into the backpack. I was shocked and amazed that she wanted to get in and be carried as normally she wants to run and play and never wants to get in and be carried.

The total distance for the hike was almost 4.5 miles and it took about 3 hours. My body is still sore from the challenge (and I think my allergies have kicked in again) but I cannot wait to go back and explore the mountain some more as there are many options to reach the summit.

Off in the distance you can see the Boston Skyline

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