Trip Reports

Gap Mountain

After three long nights at work, I was exhausted. It was cold. The wind was blowing. I was hoping no one was going to show up to hike  with us. I just wanted to go home and sink into the couch and relax on my day off. Aubrey and I were exploring the trail near the parking lot, when we heard another car pull in. Great. Just Great. Now I have to hike. I loaded Aubrey up into the Poco and our group of four(+3 kids) set off.

The beginning of the hike I was gaining momentum and the exhaustion was disappearing…until the stairs. I hate the stairs on Gap Mountain. I feel that they aren’t spaced right for me. I struggle up them every time. They are too short for one at a time, but too big if I wanted to skip every other.

Fluffernutter break with Grand Monadnock in the distance. 

Then the little rock scramble came. I let Aubrey out to see how she would do climbing up rocks on her
own. She loved it. She was very cautious and would look for my hand whenever something was scary or if she wanted a boost. The rest of the group went ahead of us and made it to the top and when we made it we had a snack and headed back down.

The hike down was quick and easy. I again let Aubrey out the last leg of the hike to explore on her own.

Aubrey is testing out her new KEEN WP Koven Mids

After the hike I felt great. Sometimes it’s hard to get the motivation to go but once I get out there and start hiking I don’t want to stop and and I never regret hiking. What I will always regret is sitting at home thinking how I should have gone on a hike.


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