Trip Reports

Kidder Mountain

It’s only the beginning of March and we are already having days that reach the 70s! How awesome. Today I led a group up Kidder Mountain in New Ipswich. I really like this hike since it’s a nice easy peak to reach. There is only 700 feet of elevation gain spread out over 1.6 miles. The summit offers a really nice picnic area and plenty of space for kids to explore without any dangerous drop offs. The hike was well attended and we had a great group going. We reached the summit in just an hour.

However on the way down, I lost my footing on the muddy trail and fell. I bruised my hip pretty good, but luckily I have some extra padding the that area, I was saved from any real damage. Sitting and laying on that side will hurt for the next few days but I expect a full recovery. Honestly I don’t mind being the one to fall on hikes. I would rather it happen to me, than someone else. I know I can get up, dust myself off, and walk it off and I will hike again. However if it was to happen to someone who isn’t as committed to hiking week after week it could scare them away for good. I would rather make my pain a teach and learning moment for the rest of the group. You can fall down, and you just get right back up and keep going. profilepic1

I should have known a smile this big coming from her was a sign of trouble. She was able to slip from the harness and was about to crawl out of the carrier. And she did just moments later I hear “Momma Down” as she was crawling over my head. Note to self tighten the harness straps for summer use, as I had them loose enough to accommodate large winter jackets.

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