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Following Atticus

Following Atticus was a great read. I was completely drawn to Tom Ryan’s story about hiking New Hampshire’s 48 peaks over 4000 feet in elevation. They make an unlike51ylQ2WbOELly hiking pair. My first reaction to seeing his picture on the back cover was “Oh my he’s fat!” I was expecting Atticus’ owner to be a fit seasoned hiker. Oh was I wrong. He had no experience hiking the great mountains. He often times poked fun at his weight. I could see myself in him! His little dog Atticus was his guiding light, much like Aubrey is mine. She is my little Atticus. Often times his story made you feel like he was talking about his small child, and in a way he was. It was enlightening to take some of his trials and tribulations with his little dog, and to reflect on them on how I might approach these same mountains with my little toddler.

One thing I particularly enjoyed about this story, it was mainly based on winter hikes, I had no idea when I started I would be reading about hikes that are within the current season (I read this in January). It made the story much more relatable as I too was having the same struggles getting out in the snow/cold/ice as Tom and Atticus were…just on a much smaller scale! While this reading experience is limited to those who are reading it in the winter months, it is still a great read. Maybe for summer readers the talk of cold and snow might help beat the heat.

This is a must read in my eyes, especially if you live here in New Hampshire!

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