Trip Reports

First Day Hike

Aubrey and I participated in the First Day Hike hosted by NH State Parks. It was an out and back hike at Monadnock State Park along the Parker Trail. The hike had a great turn out, but was not a guided hike like the information we read made us believe. I actually enjoyed it not being guided because we could move at our own pace and turn around when she started to get cold. She loved the Reservoir Dam, since it made a nice waterfall. Anything with waterfalls or running water Aubrey loves.

It was a sad realization that this hike might be one of the last hikes Aubrey will tolerate being carried on my back. She already fights it enough and she is slowing getting to the weight limit of the Osprey so soon enough we will have to solely do hikes at Aubrey’s pace and ability.

After our hike there was a fire going at the trailhead. Aubrey stood by it in a trace and then tried with all her might to blow it out. All in all it was a good day, we didn’t do the full 3 mile hike out to the viewpoint but we did get out and hike. Here’s to another year of hiking!


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