Trip Reports

Nahor Hill/Greylock Ruins

December 11 1015

This is an easy 2.5 mile out and back hike in Antrim NH. This hike follows an old class 6 road. So it is wide and easy to follow. From the parking area at the gate follow the road up through the orange gate. At about ,5 miles you will come to a fork, take the right hand fork. After about another .2 miles you will come to a small pond,with the oddest dock ever. Once you see it, you will know why I saw odd. Here is another area where the trail might go any which way. Go Straight up the hill and it will turn to the left and the road is once again clear. Simple walking following this path, near the top of the hill you will reach yet another fork, stay to the right and it will bring you up the open but viewless summit of the Nahor Hill. The old ruins are just past the summit and are visible from the trail.

We did this as as group hike, it was a gorgeous day with temps reaching into the 50s! The trail is nice and wide, rocky and muddy in areas but very good for a group of people to hike together on. The directions I had were very limited and it left us many times taking gambles on which way to go. At the lodge my dog Brady decided he wanted to jump up and stand on the window sill to catch a view…well he over shot and fell off the other side. it was a good 8 foot drop and he almost took Aubrey and I with him. Luckily I was able to release the carabiner from the carrier and let him finish his drop and walk back up the hill and meet us. It was definitely a unique hike and one that was not much of a challenge to get there. We will be doing this hike again as I feel that it will make for good snowshoeing.

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