Trip Reports

The Inspiration

There was something about the brightly colored Kelty Carrier I stumbled upon on Amazon one day while working on my baby registry. I was drawn to it. I needed it. I wasn’t much of a hiker before getting pregnant. But seeing that bright backpack, I knew I found my niche. I was never a big runner. I have run from time to time, even completing a 5k in a awful 40 minutes. I am not a runner. Knowing I am not a runner, and that I would need to find away to lose the baby weight I was sucked in to hiking. Oh but the price almost $200 for it (little did I know this would be a bargin price when it came time to upgrade to our Osprey Poco Premium). I held off, I would search craigslist for a used one. When Aubrey was about 3 months old I found one! A score at $75 and it still had the little plastic tag holders on it.

Aubrey and I spent her whole first summer planning out hikes and attempting them. I say attempting because either she would have a meltdown causing us to head back to the trailhead, or I would have a meltdown because the trail became to hard and I lack the confidence to move forward. We would go alone. All the time. It was challenging. It was hard to check in on her in the backpack, if she wanted a snack it meant stopping taking the backpack off and finding the snack and then putting the backpack back on. There had to be away to find other moms who liked hiking or was I the only crazy one to back up my young child and hit the trails? I was starting to think it was the latter.

Then I found Hike it Baby. A group that started in Portland the year before, the closest branch was Boston, so I took a shot in the dark and signed on to be a Branch Leader and bring a Hike it Baby to New Hampshire.

Aubrey and I spent this last summer hiking all across New Hampshire, exploring new trails and laughing at the trails that caused me to have breakdowns the year before. Oh how we have grown, and how we are growing as a Mommy Daughter hiking duo!

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